We love hearing from our customers, after all we aim to please your delicate taste buds everyday. So, if you’ve had a recent experience with us, please tell us about it. We look forward to hearing from you.

I’ve always found the best places to eat are run by the owner, a family atmosphere, usually small, always best quality, and considerate personal attention. Here’s a perfect example. Seating is limited so you might want to use the catering. Carry out your lunch.

- Robert Rader

And chicken salad that I could live off of (with the cookies, of course). All around, his catering is fantastic and crowd-pleasing. And I can’t not mention Alice. George and Alice are helpful, thoughtful, and easy to work with. 5 stars across the board

- Jennifer Jones Bloodworth

Ok, I mean… Wow! I can’t remember ever feel this excited over a sandwich!

My first visit, I got the pastrami and that was amazing. But yesterday, I got the corned beef sandwich. The cashier asked if I wanted mustard, so I got the spicy mustard. Usually I put mustard on my corned beef sandwich do to the meat to be a little off. When receiving my order, I took a bite and felt ashamed. Felt ashamed by the thought of ruining the sandwich with a condiment. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!! I’VE NEVER FELT ASHAMED TO EVER THINK OF PUTTING A CONDIMENT ON A FREAKING SANDWICH!!!

My friend with me ordered the French Dip. He was blown away as well! We are both from the Carolinas, the home of some good barbecue. Why I’m bringing that up? He ordered the beans with his French Dip, and those beans blew all the other beans in any barbecue location out of the water!!!

George, you are a great talent!!

- MD Snyder

I had the chicken salad sandwich, beets and potato salad. It was fabulous and large portions. Very cute tropical decor, feel good atmosphere. Cookies are the best…great gift idea gift for anyone who you want to impress our just make smile. I’ll be back!

- Lynn Fleming Ivanek

I was fortunate enough to receive one of these delightful creations as a promotional gift at a political function last night. I just sunk my teeth into it, and, OH MY GOODNESS!! And I do literally mean goodness; my taste buds screamed goodness. I am hooked, and my friends will be receiving these amazing cookies as gifts in the future. I understand that they are $2.50 each, and I know my chocolate chip variety had$2.50 worth of walnuts. Great job, George.

- Donna Richardson

AH-MAZING!!! From the staff, atmosphere and of course the FOOD, everything is superb!!! I am very glad they are located so close to my office!!! I can guarantee we will be back time and time again for lunch!!! Oh, and don’t let me forget about the COOKIES!!! WOW!!! I have never tasted something so decadent & soft!!! Delicious!!!

- Ruthie Baker